••NEW•• The Cutting Room, ‘Special Announcement’ Episode


“Billy’s always summing up your thoughts. The two of you should do a show where you’re lying in bed together with a big bowl of popcorn.” — Max

It’s the season finale! The bad news is that the Cutting Crew will be on hiatus ‘til September. The good news is that they promise to help us stave off podcast withdrawal by running back episodes from their ‘Horror Palace’ days. (These are hard-to-find shows, so I’m looking forward to finally hearing them.)

Lots of behind-the-scenes stuff, with everyone airing laundry and venting rage. Copious fun!

[WARNING: Language and Mature Content]

Find it here.

[Runtime: 1 hr 51 min]

masthead background: film silhouette clipart, by Gerd Altmann | Source | CC


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