NEW Krueger Nation podcast — The Dentist!


“I’m not the guy that throws s**t at people in the theatre but… get the f**k out of the theatre if you’re not interested in the movie…” —Johnny Krueg

Still recovering from a difficult year, Johnny Krueg is back in fine form! This episode, he talks about the Texas Frightmare Weekend, reviews Elijah Wood’s surprisingly good performance in 2012’s surprisingly good Maniac, and takes on butt-nuggets who text and take calls in theatres. He also talks about the Bates Motel TV show, and why he’s stiiiillll noooooot suuurrrre about it.

Tony from Arizona sends in a voice-mail, and talks about the underrated career of Andrew Prine (recently in Lords of Salem). The discussion turns to Rob Zombie’s love-hate relationship with his fans, and Johnny talks about why genre masters such as Argento, Carpenter, and Craven deserve some respect, dammit! Xander Kane follows up with a great review of the 2010 Australian film El monstro del mar! (Monstro! in North America).

Finally, the Krueg drills into The Dentist (1996) and The Dentist 2 (1998), both starring Corben Bernsen as the deeply flawed protagonist. Great back-to-back reviews, followed by the Freddie Factor and Life Lessons. Enjoy!

[WARNING: Language and Mature Content]

Find it here.

[Runtime: 1 hr 23 min]

masthead background: Jason Voorhees mask, by Esparta Palma | Source | CC


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