•• 07.21.13 — Sunday Podcast Roundup ••

sunday-podcast-roundup-mastheadIn this week’s podcast roundup, we look at some great (and grating) movies from today and the past, the challenges of no-budget filmmaking, and the future of podcasting, science fiction, and pizza delivery. Bon appetit!

•• General Interest ••

This week on AIRLINE PILOT GUY, Captain Jeff updates you on the Asiana 214 accident and the continuing problems that plague the new 787 Dreamliners from Boeing. Then he talks about Domino’s Pizza’s plans to use drone helicopters to deliver pizzas in the U.K. (Great idea. The only thing standing in their way, of course, is a guy with a loaded shotgun and a hankering for free pizza.)

•• Films ••

In the latest episode of 100 YEARS OF HORROR, host Phantom Erik takes us back to the year 1957 as he reviews Night of the Demon. After discussing the film’s effective dramatic elements and unsettling horror themes, he takes us behind the camera, where we learn about the constant fighting that took place between director Jacques Tourneur and producer Hal E. Chester over almost every aspect of the film — including their infamous debate over whether or not to show the demon monster! (Erik includes a link to the movie on YouTube, so you can decide for yourself who was right!)

This week on CINEMA BEEF PODCAST, we start with a Prime Cuts episode, where host Gary Hill is joined by Iris Walters from Moviecopia. They take in some awesome desert vistas while reviewing Lawrence of Arabia, and then descend into Frankenstein’s dark, gloomy lah-boh-ra-toh-ree as they review the James Whale bio-pic, Gods and Monsters. Finally, they unearth an obscure sci-fi flick from the ’70s that starred Sir Alec Guinness as a guy named Ben; you may have heard of it.
After that, you can download Cinema Beef episode 10, as guest-host Corey Graham joins Gary to knock the stuffing out of The Innkeepers and Zombieland! Then Gary takes us back to the underrated 1979 movie, Over the Edge, which featured a 24-year-old Matt Dillon in his first movie role.  (If you have trouble downloading these episodes, try the xml feed.) Enjoy!

The CUTTING ROOM offers up two awesome gems this week: first, they pull Episode 8 from the archives (first released last April) as part of their summer break review. Joined by the fearsome Joseph Taverney, the crew really swung the quality chain both ways here, starting off with three awesome classics from the brilliant mind of Val Lewton, and ending with the steaming triple-coiler that was The Human Centipede II. (Of course, the co-host hijinks make even a discussion of HC2 an awesome experience!) Then, you can download their latest show, MiniEpisode 14, where David Pace and Mike White join regulars Tom Dettloff and Joe Christiana as they give us an inside view of the recent plagiarism scandal surrounding Lianne Spiderbaby, which broad-sided both Fangoria magazine and the horror community in general.

Then, it’s time to get small with the guys at HORROR ETC. podcast. Small budgeted, that is! This week, co-hosts Kingstown Ted and Doug talk about movies whose budgets wouldn’t even max out a credit card. They check out Resolution and The Battery (both from 2012), and talk about how no-budget filmmakers use original and creative solutions in order to bring their vision to the screen.

In episode 42 of MOVIE PODCAST WEEKLY, co-hosts Jason Pyles, Karl Huddleston, and Andy Howell are joined by author and uber–film critic Laremy Legel! They discuss his latest book, Film Critic: A Decade Behind the Scenes in the Movie Industry, and engage in a good-natured contretemps over Guillermo del Toro’s monster opus, Pacific Rim. I’ll upload a spotlight review of episode 42 in the next few days!

Catching up with the crew at NOTLP:
Episode 328 of Night of the Living Podcast sees Amy scrambling up the mast to get to 2012’s Crowsnest. What will she see? My guess is a pretty horrible movie! Fortunately, it’s the hilarious discussion and reviews of the NOTLP crew that makes us tune in, not the awful movies that they submit themselves to. They also review Pacific Rim, and since it’s not for Andy’s Porner, I assume they’re actually reviewing the del Toro blockbuster, and not a spank movie. This could be good news, though possibly not…
Then, ‘tiny monsters’ month concludes with Episode 329, as the gang flushes out Ghoulies II. Since Andy’s sick, Amy and Freddie jump in and offer a spoiler-free review of the new haunted house thriller, The Conjuring!

In episode 2 of THE SPEW, co-hosts Johnny Krueg, The Phantom Erik, Creep Creepersin, and Mike Cadaver look into their crystal balls and prognosticate on the future of podcasting. Then they talk about actual balls, and, uh, well — you’ve been warned!

At TERROR TROOP HQ, the crew is taking a summer break, so we’re treated to a (previously unavailable) back-episode from the Horror Palace archives! Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, and show co-founder HellHunter shoot first and ask questions later as they check out some action movies where good cops go really, really bad. In the lineup: Psycho Cop and Maniac Cop I, II, and III! Like these movies, this podcast has the right to remain…awesome!

•• Writing ••

In episode 281 of DEAD ROBOT’S SOCIETY, co-hosts Justin and Terry talk to Glenn Farrington about a new software program that he’s developing to help creators write their own comic books — sounds pretty cool! After listening in, you can check out his Kickstarter campaign here.

In the latest GRAMMAR GIRL episode, host Mignon Fogarty answers the question, “Can You Start a Sentence with a Preposition?” After that, you can check out the earlier episode where she responded to the (equally tricky) question, “Can You End a Sentence with a Preposition?”

•• The ROUNDTABLE PODCAST returns! •• Although Dave Robison is still on indefinite hiatus for personal reasons, he returns for this episode ( 🙂 ), joining co-host Brion Humphrey and authors Stephen Godden, Colin F. Barnes, Starla Huchton, and Alasdair Stuart. Up for discussion: the challenge of writing near-future science fiction when actual science is progressing right on its heels. The panel also asks the question, “Is cyberpunk really dead?” The short answer: no. For the longer (and much more entertaining) answer, you can download the episode here!

In episode 300 of I SHOULD BE WRITING, host Mur Lafferty ‘casts live from Baltimore with guest star Myke Cole. Join them as they get caught in the middle of a ninja book launch for her book, The Shambling Guide to New York City!
You can download the latest Shambling Guide podcast chapters, 11 and 12, from her site. (Note: If you enjoy The Shambling Guide and want to support the author, you can call your local library and get them to order a copy or two; and, if you have a few extra bucks, you can buy a copy at your local bookseller or on Amazon.)

If you’re a novice writer, and you’re ready to submit your story to a publisher, then I absolutely recommend downloading episode 8.28 of the WRITING EXCUSES podcast. Based on their own hair-raising experiences, co-hosts Mary Robinette Kowal, Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, and Dan Wells offer valuable advice on how to navigate publishing contracts: negotiations, legalese and other confusing terminology you need to understand, clauses you have to pay attention to, all that good stuff. It’s must-listen podcasting!


Podcast Roundup masthead image: Yeti microphone from Wikipedia | Source | public domain image

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