08.11.13 — Sunday Podcast Roundup

sunday-podcast-roundup-mastheadThis week’s Sunday podcast roundup offers something for everyone: Terror Troop podcast celebrates Shark Week 2013 with some great shark-related news and reviews; Grammar Girl gives Victoria’s Secret a dressing-down over a major typo in a recent print ad; author Anthony Bruno joins Movie Podcast Weekly to talk about his strange experience creating a novelization based on the movie, Se7en; and that’s just for starters! Plus, there’s a fresh, new face in the group as I add the fascinating 99 Percent Invisible podcast to my list of too-cool-to-miss shows!

Enjoy  🙂




True to its name, 99 percent invisible is a very cool podcast that talks about the thousands of fascinating elements that make up our society, but that we just don’t notice. Show host Roman Mars delves into the minutiae of modern life, and returns to tell you some really amazing stories. Here are two to get you started: >>Ever wonder why basketball players get 24 seconds to make a shot before their team has to forfeit the ball? Believe it or not, it all comes down to marketing; in fact, the shot clock probably saved basketball from financially self-destructing back in the 1950s! Get the story here. >>Can you guess the length of a typical white stripe that divides the passing lanes on a typical highway? Yeah, I thought I could, too. Until I heard this episode of 99 PI. Now I truly understand why I…can’t…drive…fifty-five!


••  FILM  ••


100-years-of-horror-mastheadIn this episode of 100 Years of Horror, host Erik Phantom and his spooky pal Lester once again go abroad as they bring us the made-in-Japan horror film Jigoku and the Mexican horror film La Maldicion de la Llorona! Released in 1960 and 1961, respectively, both films updated ancient folk tales to reflect modern sensibilities. More importantly, though, they were part of a new wave of films that were beginning to push the gore-and-violence envelope on theatre screens around the world!  =-0



CinemaBeef-mastheadIn Episode 12 of Cinema Beef podcast, music and film reviewer Duncan McLeish joins host Gary Hill to discuss three awesome pics: Memento (2000), Gladiator (2000), and Clue (1985) (btw, I saw Ending C on the big screen back in the day  🙂 ). A great episode that Gary lists as his favourite so far!



corpse-cast-mastheadOMG, it’s the diamond anniversary, as Mike Cadaver and Shane Diablo co-host Episode 75 of the Corpse Cast. At a little under four hours, it’s a marathon of awesome, starting with a world-premiere track from October 21st 1976, the upcoming album from Shane’s band, DieMonsterDie! After a ton of voice mails and shop talk, the guys review two Dax Riggs albums: 2010’s Say Good Night to the World and 2007’s We Sing of Only Blood or Love. (Johnny Krueg also drops in via voice mail to give a little background about Dax!). Then, as if that ain’t enough, they drive a well-deserved stake through the heart of the 1986 Grace Jones film, Vamp! But wait — there’s more! That’s right, if Episode 75 leaves you hungry, why not download Episode 74! After an hour-and-a-half of hilarious banter and voice mails, Mike and Shane give a listen to Phantom Antichrist, the 2012 album from thrash metal band Kreator! Then, they indulge in the no-cal, creamy goodness of The Stuff, the 1985 horror classic that made eating ice cream as scary as swimming off the coast of Amity Island. Oh, and speaking of creamy goodness, don’t forget to check out Mike’s latest awesome reviews on HorrorNews.net!



creepersin-cast-masthead2Episode 35 of the CreepersinCast is chock-full of caffeinated craziness as Creep talks shop and responds to copious voice mails! Then Felissa Rose, star of the Sleepaway Camp movies, calls in to talk about the Sleepaway films as well as the work she’s done with Creep. After that, Tony Slade drops by to talk about Creep’s upcoming film, Gritty (Tony will also be appearing in Creep’s remake of White Zombie, scheduled for release in 2014 — aw, yeah!). In between all this, there’s some great music from Iggy and the Stooges, The Japandroids, Television, and Creep’s solo album, Volume 4: The Untimely Death of Spade 13!



Dead-on-Demand-MastheadIn Episode 16 of the Dead on Demand podcast, co-hosts Billy Orlando and Blake Godfrey talk about Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood! Then Blake looks at Twixt (2011), Hallowe’en H2O: 20 Years Later (1998), and Monster House (2006). Billy follows up by digging into Home Sweet Home (2013), The New Kids (1985), and Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981). There’s also some Comic-Con news, and the guys look back at the real-life terrors of summer camp!



drunkenZombie-mastheadThis week, it’s two back-to-back trips to Lord Blood-Rah’s Nerve Wrackin’ Auditorium! First, he offers up a back-episode featuring two gems from the Abbott and Costello Show, as they survive run-ins with Peter Lorre in a sanitarium and then Bela Lugosi in a haunted house! Then, Lord Blood-Rah serves up a Faustian feast as he presents an old “Beyond Midnight” classic: The Man Who Sold His Soul!



horror-etc-mastheadEpisode 311 of Horror Etc. podcast gets heli-serious, as Tony Mann and Kings Town Ted sit down over coffees at the local Chapters (Canada’s answer to Barnes and Noble) and talk about the history of torture. It gets pretty grim, so if you have a rather weak stomach, then you may want to wait until next week’s episode: a lighthearted look at the hilarious Candyman franchise! (oops, I’ve done it again — call the irony police!)



movie-podcast-weekly-mastheadIn Episode 45 of Movie Podcast Weekly, co-hosts Jason Pyles, Karl Huddleston, and Josh Ligairi are joined by professional crime writer Anthony Bruno! Bruno talks about the many challenges that he faced when creating a novel from the screenplay for David Fincher’s 1995 film, Se7en. Then it’s a new-movie-palooza as they discuss several films from 2013: 2 Guns, The To Do List, R.I.P.D., and Only God Forgives. For the mini-reviews segment, Karl talks about the Nova documentary, 3D Spies of World War II, and the aforementioned To Do List; Anthony reviews The Hunt (2012) and the Netflix comedy, Orange Is the New Black; Jason reviews The Call (2013) and Black Rock (2012); and Josh co-reviews Black Rock and takes a look back at Drive (2011). Next week’s episode will feature Elysium!



NOTLP-mastheadJoin Amy, Andy, Chiz, Freddy, and Kelley for the latest episode of Night of the Living Podcast, as they begin David Cronenberg Month with his 1981 film, Scanners! Then, watch them lower their communal brow as Andy digs up the Asylum film, Age of Dinosaurs (2013), in which scientists clone a bunch of dinosaurs and then let them loose in Los Angeles! Andy’s favourite plot point is where the company that is cloning the dinosaurs decides to recoup their investment by, among other things, renting them out for childrens’ parties! OMG, this sounds so awesome  🙂



spew-mastheadIn Episode 3 of The Spew, it’s a big, naughty menage-a-quatre as Creep Creepersin, Mike Cadaver, Phantom Erik, and Johnny Krueg congregate to talk about sex in movies! The discussion touches on movies like Lifeforce, Hallowe’en, and Basic Instinct, and the co-hosts also talk about their first experiences in filmic nudity. (I think the funniest and most disturbing moment was Creep Creepersin’s remembrance of watching Blue Velvet on the big screen with his mom!  =-O ). The show runs the gamut from milk-through-the-nose funny, to disturbing, to scary, to thoughtful. Podcasting rarely gets better than this!



terror-troop-masthead-2-flareTime to clear the beaches, as Terror Troop brings you Episode 67 for their celebration of Shark Week 2013! Co-hosts Boss Butcher, Bloody Lizzy, Wildman Willis, and The Emi1y dive in head-first with reviews of Sharknado (sigh  😐 ); Shark Attack in the Mediterranean (2002); and MegaShark vs. Crocosaurus (2010). Bloody Lizzy also talks about a really cool shark-related book find — Meg: Hell’s Aquarium, by Steve Alten! Turns out she was intrigued by the book’s cover, which I agree, is pretty awesome!

Then, Chris Excess joins Bloody Lizzy and Boss B to review Fatal Frame, the extreeeeemely creepy video game from Tecmo!


••  WRITING  ••


In this special episode of the Dead Robots’ Society, Paul Elard Cooley, Justin MacCumber, Terry Mixon, Charlie Brown, and David Wood get hammered at the Space City Con and then press ‘Record’. The results are very funny, but a little out there. Be warned: this is an episode that regular listeners will love, but if you’ve never heard the show, then please, for the love of God, don’t make this your first one!



grammar-girl-mastheadDid you see the recent Victoria’s Secret ad for their new Body brand? Were you offended by…something in the ad — perhaps, an inappropriately placed… APOSTROPHE??!!

If so, then you’re not alone! In Episode 378 of Grammar Girl, host Mignon Fogarty is on the case, as she tells us why it’s (almost) never okay to use an apostrophe to make something plural!



justines-bookends-mastheadThis week, Justine Lewkowicz, host of Justine’s Bookends Review podcast, offers up three mini-episodes. First, she reviews Robert McGill’s Once We Had a Country, and talks with the author in a separate interview. Then, she reviews Jeff Guinn’s new biography, Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson!



writing-excuses-mastheadEpisode 8.31 of Writing Excuses looks at how to combine dialogue, blocking, and description to tell your story. Join Mary Robinette Kowal, Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, and Dan Wells at their writing retreat (complete with an enthusiastic crowd!) as they talk about the two ways you can approach this subject: either with these three elements doing double-duty to answer the reader’s questions, or with what Brandon calls the ‘pyramid of extraction’. “Huh?” you ask. Don’t worry: you’ll know exactly what he means less than 18 minutes after you download it!!


images: Podcast Roundup masthead image: Yeti microphone from Wikipedia | Source | public domain image

100 Years of Horror masthead background: skull close-up, by J. D. Hancock | Source | CC

Cinema Beef Podcast masthead image: Charging Bull by James Manners  Flickr | Source | CC info

Corpse Cast Podcast masthead image: Skull from Wikimedia | Source | CC info

Dead on Demand Podcast masthead image: Tombstone in cemetery by Andrew Kuchling  Flickr | Source | CC info

Drunken Zombie Podcast masthead image: Man lying on floor by Jakub Hlavaty  Flickr | Source | CC info

Horror Etc. masthead background: Boris Karloff as Frankenstein monster, by unknown photographer| Source | CC info

NOTLP masthead background: bokeh background (colour drops), by Nitin Pai Flickr | Source  | CC

The Spew masthead background: , by Keoni Cabral | Source  | CC

Terror Troop podcast masthead image: Dusseldorf Memorial sculpture image by Bert Gerresheim from Wikimedia | Source | CC info

Grammar Girl masthead background: cap and tassel clipart, by Krzysiu Jarzyna | Source | CC

Justine’s Bookends Review masthead background: bookshelf – seamless texture, by Patrick Hoesly | Source | CC

Writing Excuses Podcast masthead background: country road in winter, by Bert Kaufmann | Source | CC


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