Spotlight on Creep Creepersin’s ‘THE DAILY CREEP’

creepersin-cast-masthead2THIS JUST IN — Creep Creepersin has started a daily ‘news’-cast called, appropriately enough, ‘The DAILY CREEP’!

Hey, bunky! Are you tired of all the silliness and bald-faced lies you get from them darn liberal and right-wing media outlets? Well, sure you are! So why not save some time and have all those same lies pre-chewed and then spoon-fed to you by the irreverent mad genius, Creep Creepersin?

In the first episode, Creep talks about how the recent Amazon shutdown almost ruined his Sunday, and then he’s joined by Starbuck McFlurry, “life-coach extraordinaire,” as she doles out your weekly horoscope!

After listening to the inaugural episode, you’ll no doubt want to hear more. Lucky for you, there are already two new episodes available as of this writing:

••• Episode 2 (Creep looks at upcoming DVD and theatre releases, plus “Tubestart, N’sync, Elmore James, Lee Thompson, Fantastic Four reboot and more!”*)

••• Episode 3 (Creep discusses “e-Cigarettes, Sylvester Stalone’s Kickstarter, and we have the CTG, Completely Topless Girl with celebrity gossip!”*)

[* Text from the ‘Daily Creep’ site.]

So check it out — it’s all the news you need to start your day, it’s only 15 minutes long, and it’s Fah-REEEE!

[Warning: Language and mature content]


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