08.25.13 — Sunday Podcast Roundup: General Interest

sunday-podcast-roundup-mastheadThis podcast roundup focuses on some of my favourite general interest shows! 99% Invisible podcast talks about the revolutionary ad campaign that brought New York City back to life in the ’70s; Airline Pilot Guy looks at recent flight-related news, including the B-1 bomber crash in Montana; and the Nature podcast looks at how future babies may be grown directly from our skin cells (ewww!).

Oh, by the way, I’ll upload my Film podcast roundups later today!


99-percent-invisible-masthead99% Invisible

In the latest episode of 99% Invisible, host Roman Mars takes you back to a park bench in New York City in the year 1977. Sitting on that bench was Milton Glaser, a designer who had been given the monumental task of creating an ad campaign that would revitalize this once-proud city. Obviously, Mr. Glaser worked well under pressure, because the simple design that he sketched out on paper that day developed into one of the most popular campaigns in the history of advertising! Ring any bells? It should, if U ♥ NY!
•• [Running time: 20 minutes] ••


airline-pilot-guy-mastheadAirline Pilot Guy

This week, Captain Jeff is podcasting from sunny Tampa, Florida! In Episode 80, he looks at two serious flying accidents: the USAF B-1 bomber that crashed this week in Montana, and the recent UPS Flight 1354 crash investigation in Birmingham, Alabama.
He also talks about Kevin Garrison’s book, The CEO of the Cockpit, a funny and fascinating insider’s view of the airline industry! The rest of the episode concentrates on listener questions and feedback, so there’s plenty of great discussion for flight enthusiasts! Oh, and if you want the video version of the episode, you can find it here!
•• [Running time: 2 hours, 2 minutes] ••



In the August 22 episode, co-hosts Kerri Smith and Charlotte Stoddart report on how plants are able to heal themselves using electrical signals. They also look at the technical and ethical challenges that arise as researchers try to create babies from skin cells. Plus, you’ll find out how scientists are getting important information about distant stars by listening to them ‘sing’!
•• [Running time: 26 minutes] ••


Podcast Roundup masthead image: Yeti microphone from Wikipedia | Source | public domain image

99% Invisible masthead background: View of apartment building exterior by Christiaan Triebert | Source | CC

Airline Pilot Guy masthead background: Chicago International Airport interior walkway by Nicola | Source | CC

Nature podcast masthead background: close-up of autumn leaf, by Steve Jurvetson | Source | CC


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