NOTLP 315 — Hispanic Heritage Month Begins!

NOTLP-mastheadLouis Fowler returns to Night of the Living Podcast for an entertaining discussion of all things Hispanic (y muy asustadizo)!

After Amy deposes Freddy as host of the show, hilarity ensues unabated, as Chiseck and Kelley round out the co-host list, and Louis phones it in (but in a really good way)!

Chiseck takes on the thankless task of trying to cross the plot streams in the indie flick Munger Road (2011) for the Straight-to-Video Russian Roulette segment. Everyone discusses Curandero, the 2005 film directed by Eduardo Rodriguez (Fright Night 2), and Louis gets up close and personal with some past supernatural experiences of his own!
Highly recommended listening 🙂

Download the episode here!

[Running time: 1 hour 38 minutes]
[Warning: This episode contains mature subject matter, as well as language you just wouldn’t hear at a church social. Cover grandma’s ears!]

nota bene: Next week, NotLP will take a break from recording to attend HorrorHound Weekend. (They promise to upload pictures and possibly one or two ‘remote’ episodes from the convention, though,  so stay tuned!)

NOTLP masthead background: crowd under streetlight, by Keoni Cabral | Source  | CC

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