ScreamQueenz 89 — When Bad Kids Go, uh, Reeeeallly Bad

ScreamQueenz-mastheadIf you’ve ever wondered what Patrick’s favourite horror trope is, wonder no longer:  it’s evil children, of course! No surprise, then, that the radio play in this week’s episode contains one of the nastiest little monsters you’ll ever encounter 🙂

Greetings, faithful listener.

Host Patrick can’t record a regular episode of the ScreamQueenz podcast this week, as he’s extremely busy working on his first audiobook project! However, he’s not about to turn you away empty handed.

For your listening pleasure, he’s journeyed into the vaults and dug up a very creepy episode of a great Golden-Age Radio show called The Mysterious Traveller.

Prepare to feel your blood pressure rise as TMT host Maurice Tarplin spins a wonderfully horrid tale about a 12-year-old sociopath who decides that her father’s new wife is stealing way too much of daddy’s attention. When her vicious mind-games don’t cause ‘Mommy-Replacement Dearest’ to head for greener pastures, our pint-sized pouter decides to take things to the next … level!
Will she get what she wants, what she deserves, or both? Tune in for the shocking answer, in Episode 85 of ScreamQueeeeeenz! Eh-eh-eh! (Krack-a-BOOM!)*

[*old-school evil laugh and thunder effect courtesy of EC Comics]

[Running time: 38 minutes]
[Note: If you’re on the fence about having children of your own, don’t let this episode put you off the prospect of parenthood; statistically speaking, your chances of having a child this evil are only about one in ten.]

ScreamQueenz masthead background: still from Bride of Frankenstein, by Sweet Honey Pie | Source  | CC


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