FIRST REVIEW — The Hysteria Continues podcast, Ep. 65

Actually, the hysteria is just beginning at Eclectic Audio, with our first review of an awesome horror movie podcast that has slipped under our radar for the previous 64 episodes. Join us as we rectify this egregious oversight with Episode 65!

Do you think criminally deranged cheerleaders are hot? Have you ever noticed that slasher movies contain a lot of really annoying people?  Did you feel that 1982’s Time Walker was a pretty good idea for a movie, but that 1987’s The Return to Salem’s Lot was a particularly bad one? Friend, if you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you’ll definitely find vindication in Episode 65 of The Hysteria Continues podcast.

I only heard about this show recently, when Johnny Krueg recommended it on his FB page. The episode clocked in at well over two hours, so I decided to give it a listen after my wife suggested that I put up shelving in two of our storage closets. A good decision, as it turns out.

Even though the job took a few hours, and the room was stuffy and cramped, with barely enough room to swing a drill or a saw, I didn’t mind. In fact, I found myself laughing out loud several times, and rewinding my player to catch segments of the show that I’d missed. And when the shelves were up, I even sat in that tiny sauna of a room for a few more minutes to listen to the end of the show.
(In radio, I believe they call that a driveway moment — rare in my experience.)

Anyway, here was my overall impression:
The show had a nice mix of both banter and deeper discussion throughout, with co-hosts Joseph and Nathan bringing an American viewpoint, and Eric and Justin offering a British perspective. The sound quality was pretty good, considering the trans-Atlantic distances involved; there were sporadic sound jitters and one temporary ‘skypeout’, but nothing that hurt the pace of the show.

Although there was an underlying structure, it hummed along quietly in the background, giving a casual, conversational feel to the proceedings while moving things forward. The micro reviews and general film discussion covered a pretty good swath, ranging from older movies (The Fog [1980], Time Walker [1982], and Return to Salem’s Lot [1987]) to more recent fare, like You’re Next, No One Lives, Parasitic, Don’t Go to the Reunion, and Murder Party.

Each of the co-hosts offered some excellent recommendations (complete with sound bites) for the top three worst/most annoying characters in the history of slasher films. It was great seeing these characters ‘outed’ for their complete awfulness, and also interesting to hear the background stories for each of them. The discussion of 1987’s Cheerleader Camp was a blast (I love this awful, awful movie), with a lot of cool trivia and a kind-of-but-not-very-surprising realization that everyone was secretly rooting for Cory to win the competition (come on, admit it: you were, too!).

I’ll certainly be going through the THC back-catalogue to dig up past episodes and review them. And if future episodes are this much fun, The Hysteria Continues will definitely remain at the top of my subscription list  🙂
You can listen to Episode 65 in iTunes or on Stitcher. You can also check out their site to find out more about the show.

[Running time: 2 hours, 35 minutes]
[Warning: Mature content and language]

night-before-easter-posterBTW, Joseph and Nathan have a fundraising site for a slasher movie they’re developing, called The Night Before Easter. They’re looking for supporters, so check them out here!




The Night Before Easter poster background image, self-storage units (21) by Scott Meyers | Source  | CC


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