Dead Robots’ Society 285 — Time to Self-Publish?

dead-robots-society-mastheadWith traditional publishing going through an existential crisis, should today’s writers think about running their own show?

If you work in the publishing industry today, then you know we’re living in interesting times. Digital media are now replacing dead-tree books, and many of the larger publishing companies are focusing only on A-list authors and other safe bets, at the expense of their B- and C-list writers, as they batten down the hatches and prepare for rough financial seas.

So, does this mean it’s time to give up the dream and return to your dead-end counter or office cubicle job? Far from it.

If you have Internet access, a passion for your craft, and a willingness to try new ways of doing things (and, of course, the ability to put words and sentences together in a way that makes others stop and read them), then you can still make money as a writer. After all, the same technological innovations that caused this industry crisis in the first place are also giving you access to resources and audiences than were never available before.

In Episode 285 of The Dead Robots’ Society, co-hosts Justin MacCumber, Terry Mixon, and Paul E. Cooley discuss these developments, and how they are expanding the range of productivity, distribution, and point-of-purchase options that are available to writers. They also take several fascinating side-trips, as they touch on the latest online writing apps and publishing services, the reasons why getting your book into traditional bookstores doesn’t really matter anymore, how you should protect yourself from predatory contractual agreements, and a whole lot more!

Download the podcast-ey goodness here and enjoy 🙂

[Running time: 1 hour, 28 minutes]
[Warning: Occasional expletives, though invariably apropos]


Dead Robots’ Society robot mascot is the property of the Dead Robots’ Society

Dead Robots’ Society masthead background: bokeh, by Teresa Williams | Source | CC


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