Creepy Kitch 41 — “Cins Has a Nervous Breakdown (While Stac Calmly Sips Blueberry Wine)”

“You’re an angry woman; you’re full of rage… and pudding!”
“I’m full of coffee and spite.”

—Creepy Kitch co-hosts Cins and Stac, explaining part of the show’s appeal

Creepy-Kitch-mastheadAs always, the latest episode of Creepy Kitch is well worth the wait, as the grrrls catch up on the latest Kitch news, indulge inappropriate fantasies in the Horror Crush segment, and take aim at J.K. Rowling’s desperate attempts to stay relevant to her readers (because being the wealthiest author in the entire universe still isn’t enough to make her happy—sob!).

Of course, the title of this episode says it all, as Cins does indeed have a nervous breakdown while she and Stac share the scariest moments from two ex-tuh-reeeme-ly disturbing films, Sinister (2012) and The Conjuring (2013). It’s must-listen-with-the-lights-on podcasting, as they re-live some of the ‘best’ (read “most pants-filling”) moments in both films, in awesome, gut-wrenching detail! Listening to the show will probably feel like spending a few wonderful hours in front of a campfire, with everyone taking turns trying to spook each other out with their scariest stories (and then scrambling to their tents and sleeping bags afterwards, and praying for dawn until sleep mercifully carries them off, but I digress).

Fortunately, our hosts offset the spookiness with a lot of hilarious personal anecdotes and observations, and the results are pure podcast magic!

Enjoy  😀

Oh, btw, don’t forget to tune in this month as Cins and Stac record a joint episode with Lady Lauren of the Death Rattle podcast! Check the Creepy Kitch blog for more information.

You can find episode 41 on iTunes or at the Creepy Kitch site.

[Running time: 3 hours 29 minutes]

[Warning: Mentioning EclecticAudio in your podcast may actually result in me returning from my sabbatical, in order to create some spankin’ new posts for your show! Thanks, grrrls  😉



Creepy Kitch podcast masthead elements: 1) Eye closeup, by D Sharon Pruitt | Source | CC; 2) Webtreats Playful Retro Photoshop Pattern 3 by webtreats | Source | CC


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