Corpse Cast hits 100!

Corpse-Cast-100-epsides-mastIt’s must-listen podcasting as co-hosts Mike C and Shane D wax nostalgic about the first 99 awesome episodes of the Corpse Cast podcast! The opening discussion ranges from hilarious to emotional to downright profound as our dynamic duo take on a wide gamut of subjects: Mike talks about the time he got trapped in the women’s locker room at his gym (Was it accidental, or was it a sign that Mike is just a sexy, sexy lady trapped in a man’s body?); Shane casually brings up the idea of having a wet t-shirt contest, but for guys (same question, but for Shane); and Mike confesses to being caught hawking a looghie in surround sound while playing World of Warcraft (this is on my top-ten list of bodily functions that should never be captured in stereo). And all this in the first 20 minutes! Voice mails abound as fans and fellow podcasters pay tribute, and then weigh in on the previous episode’s phone-in question: What movie made you most regret losing the ninety minutes you spent watching it? Many of the answers will surprise you; some — including an awesome one from Stac at Creepy Kitch — will leave you whimpering and curled up into a fetal position on the floor long after this episode has ended.

And speaking of this episode, for your listening pleasure, Shane spotlights the awesomely named 2012 album, Adding Heads to the Pile, from the death-metal group, A Band of Orcs. Shane goes to the source, and digs up some very cool background info on the band, and then performs an audio dissection, complete with highlights of each song from the album. (Interesting factoid: Apparently, according to DNA testing, they really are a band of orcs!)

After that, the guys review 2013’s We Are What We Are, an American ‘re-imagining’ of the original Mexican film, Somos lo que hay, from 2010. Will they find this to be yet another unnecessary domestic remake of a just-fine-as-it-is foreign original? The answer will surprise (and possibly terrify) you as Mike and Shane weigh in with an in-depth (and spoiler-free!) discussion.

And remember to keep listening to the show after the Corpse Cast outro theme song! You’ll be treated to a hilarious and poignant show-stopper as Shane D shares an X-rated musical valentine with all the people who supported Corpse Cast over the past few years. I guarantee you’ll be reaching for the Kleenex so you can dry your eyes (and maybe for other reasons, too, if you know what I mean—your call).

You can find episode 100 on iTunes or at the Corpse Collective website.


p.s.: But wait, there’s more! Don’t forget to check out the latest episode of the Corpse Collective video cast on the Zom-Bee™ TV network!

[Running time: 2 hours 27 minutes]

[Warning: If you work on an adult movie set, or on a construction site, or in a traveling carnival, then this podcast might be worksafe. Otherwise, grab those headphones, my friend! You’ll need them! (Also tissues, for crying and, well, whatever—your call.)] ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ images: Corpse Cast poster image: Skull from Wikimedia | Source | CC info


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