‘100 Years of Horror’ wraps up ’80s retrospective with The Cellar!

100 Years of Horror homepageWhen Phantom Erik isn’t co-hosting the peerless podcast, Giallo Ciao! Ciao! with fellow-Renaissance man Creep Creepersin, he’s taking listeners on a fascinating tour of filmic fear with his 100 Years of Horror podcast! In episode 77, Erik and his posthumous pal Lester Reaper take an apprehensive look back at the previous nine episodes of 100YoH, covering the dread-infused decade that was—the ’80s.

Then they tear open the doors on The Cellar, a creepy little movie from 1989 about a boy who discovers an evil Comanche ghost in the cellar of his family home, and then has to stop the ancient spirit from fulfilling his dastardly plans! Erik and Lester are also joined by a mysssterrrry gueeesssst for a discussion of that most well-worn of horror film tropes, American Indian burial grounds and ancient curses!

Once you’ve listened to this episode, check out Erik’s previous shows covering eighties horror:
Spiritual terror: The Serpent & the Rainbow (1988) | The Believers (1987)
Lovecraftian horror: From Beyond (1986)
Horror anthologies: Cat’s Eye (1985)
Nature horror: Razorback (1984)
Body Horror: Videodrome (1983)
Obsessive stalkers: The Last Horror Film (1982)
Slashers (in two parts): The Prowler (1981) | Slasher Special!

You can find episode 77 on Erik’s website, and all of the 100YoH episodes on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Enjoy  😀

[Running time: 51 minutes]


100 Years of Horror masthead background: skull close-up, by J. D. Hancock | Source | CC


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