‘Latest Podcasts’ list updated!

latest-podcast-mastheadScroll down to see the latest episodes of my favourite podcasts!

I’ve added new episodes for:

GENERAL INTEREST: 99 Percent Invisible, Airline Pilot Guy, Nature podcast

WRITING and PUBLISHING: Dead Robots’ Society, Grammar Girl, HPPodcraft, Mur Lafferty, Writing Excuses

FILM and POP CULTURE: 100 Years of Horror, Attack of the Killer Podcast, Cinema Beef Podcast, Corpse Cast, Creepersin Cast, Creepy Kitch, The Cutting Room, Dead on Demand, Drunken Zombie podcasting network, Giallo! Ciao! Ciao!, Horror Etc., Horror Movie Podcast, The Hysteria Continues, Krueger Nation, Motion Picture Massacre, Movie Podcast Weekly, Night of the Living Podcast, ScreamQueenz, and Terror Troop!!



‘Latest Podcasts’ masthead image: Forest path by Kerstin Herrmann | Source | CC