‘We Hate Movies’ podcast decimates ‘What You Did Last Summer’

10-for-10-masthead-rast-1We Hate Movies podcast, episode 175—I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998).

The gang at WHM don’t really hate movies, in fact, they love them. However, some movies really test that love. Case in point: the 1998 Jennifer Love Hewitt / Freddie Prinze Jr. vehicle, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. Costing 25 million dollars (or, as I like to put it, a quarter-of-a-hundred million freakin’ dollars), it grossed a respectable 84 million, proving that film reviewers aren’t always right.

Oh, no, wait—yes, they are. This movie was terrible! How terrible? Well, I watched it, and I still don’t remember a thing from that 100 minutes of my life. It’s as if, I dunno, my mind shut down to protect me from the trauma, or something.

Anyway, if you’ve had a similar experience, then you really should join the always-hilarious Andrew Jupin, Eric Szyszka, and Chris Cabin—co-hosts of episode 175 of We Hate Movies—as they exorcise those demons from your celluloid past!


Oh, wait—here’s some TRIVIA!

  • Astute viewer Charles Fraser made the following mind-blowing observation on moviemistakes.com:

Technically, this movie should be called, “I Still Know What You Did The Summer Before Last Summer” since the events take place the summer after the end of the first movie. That would be two summers after the events of the beginning of the first movie.

I agree with him, because, you know, the title of this movie WASN’T LONG ENOUGH ALREADY!

  • JLH had costarred in 1997’s I Know What You Did Last Summer with Sarah Michelle Gellar, who later went on to marry Freddie Prinze Jr., who went on to do this interview with Howard Stern in the early 2000s!
  • JLH talked about the movie in this rarely-seen interview back in 1997!
  • JLH actually has a great voice, and sang one of the tracks for the movie: How Do I Deal!



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