‘The Hysteria Continues’, celebrating Halloween like it’s 1995

10-for-10-masthead-rast-2The ‘Hysteria Continues’ podcast, episode 88 — Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995).

Co-hosts Joseph, Justin, Nathan and Erik return from their extended hiatus for this special Halloween episode of the ‘Hysteria Continues’ podcast, as they travel almost 20 years into the past to unearth the celluloid abomination that was Halloween 6! Of course, these guys are all horror genre aficionados, so you can expect plenty of strong opinions and awesome behind-the-scenes info about the film.

The episode is loaded with great genre news (including discussions of Annabelle, ABCs of Death 2, Alien Abduction, Oculus, Calvary, and Locke) along with recollections of traumatic personal experiences (like accidentally watching nude movie scenes WITH THEIR PARENTS and going to Halloween ‘haunted houses’). They also announce the results from the previous episode’s listener feedback question: Which of the four co-hosts would survive the longest in a slasher film? The responses are awesome! And if you like drinking games, take a dram each time there’s a Kenneth Williams sound bite, and every time someone makes a double entendre (and, of course, help yourself to a long drink as Erik delivers the punchline for his Joke of the Week — trust me, you’ll need it  😉 You can find this episode on their RSS feed and on iTunes. Enjoy!

And now, some TRIVIA!

  • This movie was originally titled Halloween 666: The Origin of Michael Myers!
  • This was the last film in which Donald Pleasence appeared. He finished his career with 226 films to his credit!
  • A fan-film spin-off, The Shadow of October, was released in 2012 (and is actually pretty good!). You can find it on YouTube.

Yet more stuff! Here’s the Geico commercial that Nathan mentions during the episode  😀 The guys particularly recommended two films:

  • Alien Abductionon IMDBTrailer (Found-footage movie. The trailer looks pretty cool—definitely worth checking out.)
  • Locke—on IMDBTrailer (Okay, it does seem like a strange idea for a movie — just a guy driving in his car for two hours — but once you see the trailer, I guarantee you’ll want to see this film.)



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