Terror Troop 131: Samantha Mack on directing horror, hosting GwarBQs, and whimsical nudity!

10-for-10-masthead-rast-5The Terror Troop podcast introduces a new streamlined format with episode 131, a no-holds-barred interview with award-winning actor/director Samantha Mack!

Warning: Many of the links in this article are NSFW!

With episode 131 of Terror Troop, host Boss Butcher introduces a new line of special episodes where he dedicates 100 percent of the show to one topic. In this inaugural offering, Wild Man Willis and Boss B hold court with the gorgeous and talented Samantha Mack!

It’s a fun and lively conversation that covers a lot of ground, including her short horror films, No Pets Allowed and Rippers, her hosting duties at the very wild annual GwarBQs, putting together a band, Plasmatics-style (yes, please!), and a ton more of awesome stuff (like, how nudity should be more whimsical and how surreal fan interactions can be!).

You can find this episode on iTunes, Stitcher, or at the completely revamped Terror Troop website.
NOTE: Long-time fans of the show already tune in for regular weekly episodes, and those are still happening! It’s just that now, you’ll have even more great content for your daily commute or just when you want to sit back with a frosty beverage and catch up on the latest horror news. If you’re new to the Troop, you’ll definitely want to check out their archive, which you can find on both their website and their YouTube page. And don’t forget to friend them on Facebook for the latest updates and info  🙂

Want to know more about…
…Samantha Mack?
Check her out on Facebook
…on Twitter
…and on Instagram!

…the Origins of Terror Troop?
Check out this hilarious, NSFW re-imagining of Boss B’s life journey:


…the Wild Man?
Check out Willis’s awesome YouTube reviews:





Images of Samantha Mack are from her Instagram page and her Twitter feed

Screencaps for ‘Origins of Terror Troop’ and ‘Wild Man Willis Review’ captured on Poconos Bill’s YouTube page and Willis Wheeler’s YouTube page


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