Padawan Podcast offers fresh, funny look at all things “Star Wars”

10-for-10-masthead-rast-6The Padawan Cast makes Star Wars fun again, with great retrospectives of the original films and reviews of the new Star Wars Rebels animated series!

Remember that scene in The Empire Strikes Back? The one where Luke is scrambling aboard his newly repaired X-Wing as he prepares to leave Dagobah, and he turns to Yoda and nods, and Yoda smiles sadly, looks soulfully into the camera, and whispers, “Stay Sassy.” You remember that? No? Yeah, me neither. But, if Robb, Mike, and April, the co-hosts of The Padawan Cast, had been climbing into that cockpit instead of Luke, I bet that’s exactly what that Force-infused, little green imp would have said. Well, actually, he probably would have said something like “Sassy stay, you must” and we’d all be scratching our heads for a moment until we figured it out. But you get the idea…

Anyway, the Padawan Cast ain’t just a heapin’ bowl of sassy. It’s also fresh! And funny! And subversive! Oh, and let’s not forget the banter: it’s lively, often wildly inappropriate (tsk, tsk — Robb!), and sometimes astoundingly surreal (tsk, tsk — April!). And it’s because of all these qualities that, with almost a year of episodes under their standard-issue storm-trooper belts, our intrepid co-hosts are making the Star Wars universe feel young again! Part of the fun comes from the fact that while Robb and Mike grew up with the Star Wars mythos, April is watching all of the movies and spinoffs for the first time. That’s right — she’s a Star Wars newbie!

So, I heartily recommend this wonderful podcast, not just for their great retrospectives of the movies that started it all, but also for their take on the new Star Wars Rebels animated series and the upcoming Disney movies. And if you like the show, don’t forget to leave a positive review on iTunes! Now, having said all that, here are a few links to get you started! The Padawan Cast Retrospectives: The Phantom Menace Attack of the Clones Revenge of the Sith A New Hope The Empire Strikes Back You can also… …check out their website for the latest episodes… …or like them on Facebook …or subscribe to their RSS feed …or subscribe to their show on iTunes! …and while you’re at it, why not check out… …Robert’s author page at Amazon …or visit his home page …or follow his Twitter feed …or enjoy audio versions of some of his stories!



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