Found Footage Files Podcast great for new fans, sub-genre enthusiasts

If you enjoy found-footage movies, or you just want to learn more about this wide-ranging sub-genre, then the Found Footage Files Podcast is for you!

With over 60 episodes of the Found Footage Files Podcast under his belt, host Boss Butcher is building up what can only be described as an awesome archive of, um,  virtuosic video verité! (whew!)

Each episode offers up the latest developments in the found-footage subgenre, as co-hosts Boss B. and Mad Mike go out of their way to promote independent and first-time directors, so you’ll hear about more than just the big studio releases. Along with film reviews, you’ll get interviews with up-and-coming directors and actors, as they talk about the many challenges of bringing their unique visions to the screen on budgets that are often, well, microscopic.

Bottom line: if you’re already a found footage fan, or you just want some good recommendations for your next movie, then head over to the Found Footage Film Podcast Review page, where you’ll find an awesome archive of every episode of this great show! You can also check out the FFFP home page . . . Facebook page . . . Twitter feed . . . or iTunes feed for more info!

Btw, this show is a spin-off of the equally epic Terror Troop podcast; you can find out more about them at their Facebook page or Twitter feed!!

And don’t forget to check out the rest of the Found Footage Critic site for even more in-depth found-footage reviews!




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