‘Podcast on Haunted Hill’ offers funny, informative look at horror

If you enjoy horror podcasts that are funny and informative (with a dash of British cool), you should add ‘The Podcast on Haunted Hill’ to your listening lineup!

Since late 2013, co-hosts Gav Chuckie Steele and Dan Bone have been entertaining podcast listeners with humorous, fast-paced discussions about all things horror- and film-related.

Although Gav has already directed several indie productions through his company, Deadbolt Films, he and Dan still talk about movies from the viewpoint of horror enthusiasts, not industry insiders. So, no jargon-filled insider sessions about the ‘biz,’ here—just casual, often hilarious observations from the cinema seats.

Episodes generally run between 1 and 2 hours, with topics ranging from director retrospectives (including Wes Craven, John Carpenter, and Mario Bava) to seasonal themes (the two-part discussion on winter horror was awesome!) to a live Ouija Board reading (was it scary? Well, let’s just say it could easily have been sponsored by Depend for Men).

Along with the main topic of discussion, they also have some great regular segments, including

  • a YouTube review, where they each dig up some cultural content on YouTube and offer up their learned opinions;
  • Ask Jasmine, where Gav asks his daughter for her thoughts on a variety of kid-friendly horror movies (a cute and funny segment!);
  • World of the Strange, where Gav and Dan discuss weird and disturbing stories that also happen to be true; and
  • a song segment where they focus on a piece of music that is usually (though not always) horror-related.

Bottom line: Although horror fans will definitely enjoy this show, it’s also perfect for newbies who may be curious about the horror genre.

Warning: spoilers (with warnings) and f-bombs (without warning) await around every corner  😉

You can find out more through their home page . . . Gav’s Facebook page . . . Gav’s Twitter feed . . . and the show’s iTunes feed!

BTW: If you want to see some of Gav’s directorial work, you can check out some of his films on the Deadbolt Films YouTube page:




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