Airline Pilot Guy

airline-pilot-guy-mastheadStrap in, move your seat to the upright position, and stop bothering the stewardess; we’re taking off with the Airline Pilot Guy!

Even though I know nothing about airplanes or flying, this has become one of my favourite podcasts. Captain Jeff is a commercial pilot working for one of the big ‘legacy’ airlines. Each episode, he takes you behind the scenes for a closer look at the latest developments in the airline industry, and talks about what they will mean to the travelling public, aka you. The excellent production values, as well as his dulcet tones and great sense of humour, combine to make this a truly awesome podcast experience.

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For more info on this show, follow these links!

Airline Pilot Guy on Facebook

Airline Pilot Guy RSS feed

Airline Pilot Guy YouTube pageAirline Pilot Guy on iTunes


masthead background: Chicago International Airport interior walkway by Nicola | Source | CC

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