Frosty, Heidi, and Frank

frosty-heidi-frank-mastheadFor almost a decade, Frosty Stillwell, Heidi Hamilton, and Frank Kramer ruled the airwaves of Southern California. Indeed, their engaging blend of clever banter and fart jokes made the ‘Frosty, Heidi and Frank Show’ something not to be missed.

Then tragedy struck: their radio show on KABC was canceled in September of 2010, leaving many people devastated (myself included). Fortunately, many of the episodes were saved as MP3s and uploaded to the site for posterity. This means you can now choose from a huge collection of shows that aired from the early 2000’s right up to the end of their run in 2010. (I’ll spotlight some of my favourite episodes over time.)

heidi-and-frank-mastheadAlthough Frosty has left behind the radio game, you can still listen to the new ‘Heidi and Frank Show’, which premiered online last year at Unlike many of their contemporaries who had trouble crossing over to an online format, Heidi and Frank have thrived, fueling the show’s engines through a combination of subscriptions, advertising, and word of mouth.

If you want to listen to their After Hours show, you can download free episodes from  iTunes. That probably won’t be enough though, and you’ll probably want to subscribe so you can get four hours of Heidi and Frank every freaking day!

UPDATE: You can now catch up with Frosty on his Facebook page!


For more info on this show, follow these links!

Heidi and Frank on Facebook

Heidi and Frank RSS feed

Heidi and Frank on YouTube

Heidi and Frank on Twitter



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