I Should Be Writing (Mur Lafferty)

i should be writing mastheadMur Lafferty launched the first episode of ‘I Should Be Writing’ back in 2005. Since then, she has delighted listeners (about 8000 every week) and impressed critics (Podcast Peer and Parsec Awards, thank-you-very-much) with a refreshing approach that combines compassion, humour, and (sometimes brutal) honesty.

Each episode, she shares her struggles and triumphs as an emerging author and responds to listeners’ e-mails about a variety of issues related to writing, publishing, and, well, just staying passionate about the creative process.

Now a professionally published author (yay!), Mur is an active member of Escape Artists Inc., an online affiliation of podcast sites that includes Escape Pod (science fiction), Pseudopod (horror fiction), and PodCastle (fantasy fiction). Fortunately, she still finds time to release new episodes of ISBW from her own website.

In addition to her first novel, The Shambling Guide to New York City, Mur has also completed the second installment in this very entertaining series, Ghost Train to New Orleans!

Check out all my eclectic audio posts related to Mur Lafferty and the ‘I Should Be Writing’ podcast.


For more info on this show, follow these links!


Mur Lafferty on Facebook

I Should Be Writing RSS feed

Mur Laffertty on YouTube

Mur Lafferty on iTunes


masthead background: Sheep on grassy field, by Aldo Costa| Source | CC

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