Justine’s Bookends Review

justines-bookends-mastheadJustine Lewkowicz, host of Justine’s Bookends Review podcast, is passionate about books. As a reviewer for NewsTalk 1010 Radio, she constantly looks for new (and previously overlooked) fiction and non-fiction titles (and their authors), and elevates them into the spotlight so they have a chance to be seen the book-reading public.

Each episode, Justine focuses on a fascinating new book, or interviews the author of a book that she’s recently talked about. The episodes run about 20 minutes, so they’re perfect for your commute to work or your evening walk!

For an added dimension, you can also check out her show at BookendsTV.com where she is a co-creator, host, and producer!

Check out all my eclectic audio posts related to Justine’s Bookends Review podcast.


For more info on this show, follow these links!


Bookends TV on Facebook

Justine's Bookends Review RSS feed

Justine Lewkowicz's YouTube page

Justines Bookends on Twitter


masthead background: bookshelf – seamless texture, by Patrick Hoesly | Source | CC

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