Cutting Room

cutting-room-mastheadThe Cutting Room sometimes feels more like a group therapy session than a podcast about films. Each episode, emotions are scorched, insults flung, epithets hurled, rage built up and then finally spewed forth in glorious, extended bouts of mutual recrimination. I can understand why fans of the show keep returning – even with a running time of up to three hours an episode, this is a must-listen podcast experience!

Hats off to the show’s wonderful hosts: Thomas Detloff, Joseph Christiana, Max Koch (pronounced ‘Cook’), Dave Pace, and William (‘Billy’) Bourassa Jr. These guys aren’t just movies fans; as industry veterans, they live and breathe the stuff.

So instead of a simple discussion of whether or not a movie is ‘good’ or ‘recommended,’ you’re treated to emotional, often profound conversations between people who are both passionate and knowledgeable about film. Okay, sometimes these conversations can be awkward and uncomfortable, and sometimes politically ‘incorrect’. But that’s part of the reason why they’re always entertaining and engrossing. It’s like sitting down and listening to a bunch of smart and interesting friends, some of whom also happen to be crazy and off their medications — in other words, podcast gold!

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masthead background: film silhouette clipart, by Gerd Altmann | Source | CC

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