Writing Excuses 8.37 — How to Handle Epic Failure

writing-excuses-mastheadIn this episode of Writing Excuses, you’ll learn how to minimize (and possibly even reverse) the long-term effects of E.F.D.: Epic Failure Damage!

Have you ever said or done something really stupid in public? After it happened, did you quickly and heroically douse the flames of controversy like a professional spin doctor? Or did you go to your ‘warrior place’ and start an epic flame war against any and all takers? If you chose the latter route, and deeply regretted it afterwards, then this episode of Writing Excuses is for you! Continue reading

Dead Robots’ Society 285 — Time to Self-Publish?

dead-robots-society-mastheadWith traditional publishing going through an existential crisis, should today’s writers think about running their own show?

If you work in the publishing industry today, then you know we’re living in interesting times. Digital media are now replacing dead-tree books, and many of the larger publishing companies are focusing only on A-list authors and other safe bets, at the expense of their B- and C-list writers, as they batten down the hatches and prepare for rough financial seas.

So, does this mean it’s time to give up the dream and return to your dead-end counter or office cubicle job? Far from it. Continue reading

•• 07.08.13 — Sunday Podcast Roundup ••

sunday-podcast-roundup-mastheadHere are the latest episodes of some awesome podcasts from around the web. I haven’t reviewed any of them yet, so you may want to check the respective sites for more information before you download. Enjoy!

(Oh, wait! You can also find information about the below podcasts on my About the Podcasts page.)

•• General Interest ••

Starting with Airline Pilot Guy, Captain Jeff talks about a near-miss in New York and the latest on the FAA’s views on using electronic devices on planes.

Continue reading