‘100 Years of Horror’ wraps up ’80s retrospective with The Cellar!

100 Years of Horror homepageWhen Phantom Erik isn’t co-hosting the peerless podcast, Giallo Ciao! Ciao! with fellow-Renaissance man Creep Creepersin, he’s taking listeners on a fascinating tour of filmic fear with his 100 Years of Horror podcast! In episode 77, Erik and his posthumous pal Lester Reaper take an apprehensive look back at the previous nine episodes of 100YoH, covering the dread-infused decade that was—the ’80s.

Then they tear open the doors on The Cellar, a creepy little movie from 1989 about a boy who discovers an evil Comanche ghost in the cellar of his family home, and then has to stop the ancient spirit from fulfilling his dastardly plans! Erik and Lester are also joined by a mysssterrrry gueeesssst for a discussion of that most well-worn of horror film tropes, American Indian burial grounds and ancient curses!

Once you’ve listened to this episode, check out Erik’s previous shows covering eighties horror:
Spiritual terror: The Serpent & the Rainbow (1988) | The Believers (1987)
Lovecraftian horror: From Beyond (1986)
Horror anthologies: Cat’s Eye (1985)
Nature horror: Razorback (1984)
Body Horror: Videodrome (1983)
Obsessive stalkers: The Last Horror Film (1982)
Slashers (in two parts): The Prowler (1981) | Slasher Special!

You can find episode 77 on Erik’s website, and all of the 100YoH episodes on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Enjoy  😀

[Running time: 51 minutes]


100 Years of Horror masthead background: skull close-up, by J. D. Hancock | Source | CC

Terror Troop 96: Oz-ploitation movies, football, and poo-zombies!

Terror Troop Home page“How’d you like to be the officer on doodie?”
—Boss Butcher, describing the capture and arrest of the dreaded outhouse peeper

As the Terror Troop prepares for a full assault on Episode 100, Boss Butcher leads the charge, with three awesome segments in one jam-packed show! First, he’s joined by three Ozzie co-hosts — Dan of the Dead, and Hellhunter and Stu Baulk from the Midnight Movie Cowboys Podcast — for a free-wheeling discussion of many things Australian (mainly football!).

Then Bloody Lizzy joins The Boss for a discussion and review of one of the most bizarre and offensive movies ever, ever, ever made. Ever. That’s right, it’s Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead (2011), directed by Noboru Iguchi! Lizzy (who constantly amazes us with her encyclopedic recollection of fascinating factoids) also explains some of the cultural and creative forces that led to the inception of the film!

Then Boss B and Willis Wheeler hold court with director Vito Trabucco as he describes the making of his comedy/retro-slasher, Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (2012), which introduces a new monster to the gallery: the terrifying Sister Mary Chopper! It’s a great discussion, as Vito describes how they managed to get Ron Jeremy to appear in BBBC, the bizarre marketing campaign that was imposed on the film for overseas distribution, and how they came up with an ending that surprised even Vito! (Don’t worry—it’s spoiler-free.)

The episode winds up with a return to the Land o’ Chunder as Boss B and his three Ozzie cohorts continue their discussion, with a review of the oz-sploitation flick, Turkey Shoot (a.k.a. Escape 2000), from 1982!

You can find this episode on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Enjoy  😀

[Running time: 2 hours 16 minutes]

[Warning: This episode contains discussions about extreme movie violence and offensive bodily functions. You will also experience Australian-style political incorrectness that would make Tim “The Toolman” Taylor blush. Oh, and there’s some saucy language, too! Yikes!]


Terror Troop podcast masthead image: Dusseldorf Memorial sculpture image by Bert Gerresheim from Wikimedia | Source | CC info

Krueger Nation Five-Oh!

Krueger-Nation-50-ShowsAw yeaaaawww! Johnny Krueg delivers the big five-oh, and this one is a standout episode, with several uber-cool guests dropping in with awesome movie reviews and tributes to the show. Things get rolling with a classic ‘Look What You Did!’® segment where Johnny ponders where the Wrong Turn franchise actually took its own wrong turn. Then, Mike Cadaver of Corpse Cast turns in a review of Oldboy, the 2013 remake of the mind-blowing 2003 original. Was a remake necessary? Tune in and find out!

Johnny himself reviews two great ‘80s movies, starting with Slaughter High, from 1986. Prepare for an in-depth discussion of mushroom stamps and unfortunate tile burns, followed by humorous descriptions of multiple onscreen deaths, by lawnmower, septic tank, acid bath, coat rack, and so on.

Lady Death Rattle follows up with an awesome review of Lucio Fulci’s okay-for-some-but-maybe-not-you TV movie from 1991, Voices from Beyond! Then Xander Kane crosses both an ocean and a language barrier for the 2012 made-for-TV Spanish thriller, Morgana, about a girl who suffers from disturbing visions.

After this, Johnny holds court on his second film, Cutting Class (1989), which featured Martin Mull, Roddy McDowell, and some guy named Brad Pitt!

Then Evil Druid and Pantsless Hillbilly drop by from Horrorcopia to dissect, uh, I mean discuss the new body-modification flick, American Mary, from 2012. The show wraps up with a segment of Stuff That Johnny Krueg Likes©: this time, he brings up some cool anniversaries for two classic horror franchises (hint: one is 30 years old, and the other is 40)! You can download this episode from iTunes or from the Krueger Nation site.

Enjoy—and here’s to the next fifty! Aw yeaaaaawww!

[Running time: 1 hour 33 minutes]

[Warning: In fine Krueger Nation tradition, this episode is peppered with a healthy mix of F- and T-bombs. Not recommended for playing at church functions, bridge tournaments, or any other events where they serve English tea with those little cucumber sandwiches that have the crusts trimmed off!] ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ image: Krueger Nation poster: Jason Voorhees mask, by Esparta Palma | source | CC

Corpse Cast hits 100!

Corpse-Cast-100-epsides-mastIt’s must-listen podcasting as co-hosts Mike C and Shane D wax nostalgic about the first 99 awesome episodes of the Corpse Cast podcast! The opening discussion ranges from hilarious to emotional to downright profound as our dynamic duo take on a wide gamut of subjects: Mike talks about the time he got trapped in the women’s locker room at his gym (Was it accidental, or was it a sign that Mike is just a sexy, sexy lady trapped in a man’s body?); Shane casually brings up the idea of having a wet t-shirt contest, but for guys (same question, but for Shane); and Mike confesses to being caught hawking a looghie in surround sound while playing World of Warcraft (this is on my top-ten list of bodily functions that should never be captured in stereo). And all this in the first 20 minutes! Voice mails abound as fans and fellow podcasters pay tribute, and then weigh in on the previous episode’s phone-in question: What movie made you most regret losing the ninety minutes you spent watching it? Many of the answers will surprise you; some — including an awesome one from Stac at Creepy Kitch — will leave you whimpering and curled up into a fetal position on the floor long after this episode has ended.

And speaking of this episode, for your listening pleasure, Shane spotlights the awesomely named 2012 album, Adding Heads to the Pile, from the death-metal group, A Band of Orcs. Shane goes to the source, and digs up some very cool background info on the band, and then performs an audio dissection, complete with highlights of each song from the album. (Interesting factoid: Apparently, according to DNA testing, they really are a band of orcs!)

After that, the guys review 2013’s We Are What We Are, an American ‘re-imagining’ of the original Mexican film, Somos lo que hay, from 2010. Will they find this to be yet another unnecessary domestic remake of a just-fine-as-it-is foreign original? The answer will surprise (and possibly terrify) you as Mike and Shane weigh in with an in-depth (and spoiler-free!) discussion.

And remember to keep listening to the show after the Corpse Cast outro theme song! You’ll be treated to a hilarious and poignant show-stopper as Shane D shares an X-rated musical valentine with all the people who supported Corpse Cast over the past few years. I guarantee you’ll be reaching for the Kleenex so you can dry your eyes (and maybe for other reasons, too, if you know what I mean—your call).

You can find episode 100 on iTunes or at the Corpse Collective website.


p.s.: But wait, there’s more! Don’t forget to check out the latest episode of the Corpse Collective video cast on the Zom-Bee™ TV network!

[Running time: 2 hours 27 minutes]

[Warning: If you work on an adult movie set, or on a construction site, or in a traveling carnival, then this podcast might be worksafe. Otherwise, grab those headphones, my friend! You’ll need them! (Also tissues, for crying and, well, whatever—your call.)] ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ images: Corpse Cast poster image: Skull from Wikimedia | Source | CC info

Creepy Kitch 41 — “Cins Has a Nervous Breakdown (While Stac Calmly Sips Blueberry Wine)”

“You’re an angry woman; you’re full of rage… and pudding!”
“I’m full of coffee and spite.”

—Creepy Kitch co-hosts Cins and Stac, explaining part of the show’s appeal

Creepy-Kitch-mastheadAs always, the latest episode of Creepy Kitch is well worth the wait, as the grrrls catch up on the latest Kitch news, indulge inappropriate fantasies in the Horror Crush segment, and take aim at J.K. Rowling’s desperate attempts to stay relevant to her readers (because being the wealthiest author in the entire universe still isn’t enough to make her happy—sob!).

Of course, the title of this episode says it all, as Cins does indeed have a nervous breakdown while she and Stac share the scariest moments from two ex-tuh-reeeme-ly disturbing films, Sinister (2012) and The Conjuring (2013). It’s must-listen-with-the-lights-on podcasting, as they re-live some of the ‘best’ (read “most pants-filling”) moments in both films, in awesome, gut-wrenching detail! Listening to the show will probably feel like spending a few wonderful hours in front of a campfire, with everyone taking turns trying to spook each other out with their scariest stories (and then scrambling to their tents and sleeping bags afterwards, and praying for dawn until sleep mercifully carries them off, but I digress).

Fortunately, our hosts offset the spookiness with a lot of hilarious personal anecdotes and observations, and the results are pure podcast magic!

Enjoy  😀

Oh, btw, don’t forget to tune in this month as Cins and Stac record a joint episode with Lady Lauren of the Death Rattle podcast! Check the Creepy Kitch blog for more information.

You can find episode 41 on iTunes or at the Creepy Kitch site.

[Running time: 3 hours 29 minutes]

[Warning: Mentioning EclecticAudio in your podcast may actually result in me returning from my sabbatical, in order to create some spankin’ new posts for your show! Thanks, grrrls  😉



Creepy Kitch podcast masthead elements: 1) Eye closeup, by D Sharon Pruitt | Source | CC; 2) Webtreats Playful Retro Photoshop Pattern 3 by webtreats | Source | CC

PODCAST ROUNDUP, Oct 12, 2013 — FILM, Part 2 of 3

eclecticAudioPodcast_RoundupMastheadWelcome to Part 2 of the Eclectic Audio podcast roundup!
This week’s menu offers a smorgasbord of awesome audio feasts, including episodes of Creepy Kitch, The Cutting Room, Dead on Demand, The Donut Show, Drunken Zombie, FilmMad Society, Horror Etc., and Horror Metropolis!

NOTE: Where possible, I’ve included links to the shows on iTunes, so that you can do a happy-dance in the review section if you like them! Continue reading

PODCAST ROUNDUP, SEP 27, 2013 — FILM, Part 1 of 3

eclecticAudioPodcast_RoundupMastheadAnd we’re baaaaack! The roundup returns, starting with some of my favourite film-related podcasts. Since I’ve been retooling the site, I’ve missed the roundups for the past few weeks, so I’m playing catch-up here; as a result, some shows have listings with two or three back-episodes! But, hey, that just means there’s more podcast gold for you to dig into  🙂

Today’s roundup includes a triple-shot of Phantom Erik at 100 Years of Horror, as he takes you back to the swinging sixties for some great macabre movie fare; a double-shot of Cinema Beef Podcast, including an extended show where Gary Hill and Jamie Jenkins scope out the entire Exorcist franchise (Jamie also interviews the actress who played the demon Pazuzu in the 1973 film); a great episode of Cadaver Lab Indies where Mike Cadaver and Johnny Krueg invite you to a Murder Party; an awesome Corpse Cast episode where Mike C. and Shane Diablo take you on a ride to hell with Nicolas Cage; a review show where Creep Creepersin expresses deep sadness over Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem, and a whole lot m– oh, wait. No, that’s it.
Don’t worry, though; this is only Part One. Of Three.  😀 Continue reading

FIRST REVIEW — The Hysteria Continues podcast, Ep. 65

Actually, the hysteria is just beginning at Eclectic Audio, with our first review of an awesome horror movie podcast that has slipped under our radar for the previous 64 episodes. Join us as we rectify this egregious oversight with Episode 65!

Do you think criminally deranged cheerleaders are hot? Have you ever noticed that slasher movies contain a lot of really annoying people?  Did you feel that 1982’s Time Walker was a pretty good idea for a movie, but that 1987’s The Return to Salem’s Lot was a particularly bad one? Friend, if you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you’ll definitely find vindication in Episode 65 of The Hysteria Continues podcast. Continue reading

100 Years of Horror, Ep. 51 — ‘Blood Feast’ Review!

100-years-of-horror-mastheadIn this episode, host Phantom Erik reviews Herschell Gordon Lewis’ 1963 opus, Blood Feast. Could it have been the world’s first splatter film?

Pull up a chair to this rather grue-laden table, as the 100 Years of Horror podcast takes you back to 1963 for a look at Herschell Gordon Lewis’ proto-splatter flick!

When Lewis and producer David Friedman saw the market for their exploitative ‘nudie’ films drying up, they decided to push the envelope by adding violence and horror to the already questionable mix. The result was Blood Feast, a horrendous spool of celluloid that was notable as the first commercial film that displayed copious amounts of blood, gore, and nudity while still bypassing the censors. Continue reading

ScreamQueenz 89 — When Bad Kids Go, uh, Reeeeallly Bad

ScreamQueenz-mastheadIf you’ve ever wondered what Patrick’s favourite horror trope is, wonder no longer:  it’s evil children, of course! No surprise, then, that the radio play in this week’s episode contains one of the nastiest little monsters you’ll ever encounter 🙂

Greetings, faithful listener.

Host Patrick can’t record a regular episode of the ScreamQueenz podcast this week, as he’s extremely busy working on his first audiobook project! However, he’s not about to turn you away empty handed. Continue reading