Spotlight on Terror Troop

Fast!  Slow!  Angry!  Nibbly!  This spotlight on the Terror Troop podcast has a zombie for everyone!

Episode 57: Zombie Picks by Dan of the Dead!!

terror troop masthead

“I encounter many zombies, and they’re not the fast-moving kind where I work.” — Boss Butcher

In this episode of Terror Troop, Dan of the Dead cherry-picks two awesome, aged-for-flavour zombie classics for the crew to review. Plus, ‘Hey, it’s Ashley Gray!’ in an interview with Boss Butcher and Wildman Willis.

But first, new guest host Chris Excess introduces himself and spends a little time talking about his lifelong obsession with ’80s American culture. A very interesting guy, and a great addition to the show!

Veteran Trooper Bloody Lizzy rounds out the cast as British co-host ‘The’ Emily goes mysteriously off the grid somewhere in Maryland…

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