Corpse Cast

corpse-cast-mastheadEvery week, the Corpse Cast’s Mike Cadaver and Shane Diablo blast their message of hope, love, and terror out of Salt Lake City. The result? True podcast magic.

Each episode offers a potent mix of horror-infused music and film. First, drummer Shane D. pans deep for heavy metal nuggets in his extensive music collection, and sprinkles awesome audiophonic gold dust into your waiting ears. Then, show creator Mike C. takes over, bringing five years of too-ghoul-for-school podcasting genius to the table. His enthusiasm for the horror genre is infectious; I’ve been listening to this guy since episode one of Cadaver Lab came out in 2008, and he just keeps getting better!

Throw in an international cast of callers-in, and hilarious host-to-host banter, and you have a show that is controlled auditory chaos at its finest. Have at it, I say!

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masthead background: 19th-century skull illustration, creator unknown | Source | CC

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