Three spooky episodes from ‘The Dollop’ podcast

10-for-10-masthead-rast-3Ghosts, American vampire scares, 18th-century psychic teens, and Ouija boards! Here are three episodes from ‘The Dollop’ podcast that will make your Hallowe’en a lot more awesome!

Okay, first, a warning: don’t listen to this podcast while attending, say, a funeral or operating, say, a chainsaw. Throughout each episode, you will experience multiple bouts of spontaneous and uncontrollable laughter that, in the former situation, will probably get you dis-invited from any upcoming funerals, and in the latter, will probably mean, well, a closed casket for you. Continue reading

‘The Hysteria Continues’, celebrating Halloween like it’s 1995

10-for-10-masthead-rast-2The ‘Hysteria Continues’ podcast, episode 88 — Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995).

Co-hosts Joseph, Justin, Nathan and Erik return from their extended hiatus for this special Halloween episode of the ‘Hysteria Continues’ podcast, as they travel almost 20 years into the past to unearth the celluloid abomination that was Halloween 6! Of course, these guys are all horror genre aficionados, so you can expect plenty of strong opinions and awesome behind-the-scenes info about the film. Continue reading

‘We Hate Movies’ podcast decimates ‘What You Did Last Summer’

10-for-10-masthead-rast-1We Hate Movies podcast, episode 175—I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998).

The gang at WHM don’t really hate movies, in fact, they love them. However, some movies really test that love. Case in point: the 1998 Jennifer Love Hewitt / Freddie Prinze Jr. vehicle, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. Costing 25 million dollars (or, as I like to put it, a quarter-of-a-hundred million freakin’ dollars), it grossed a respectable 84 million, proving that film reviewers aren’t always right. Continue reading