Spotlight on Radio Free Burrito

>>> Radio Free Burrito, Episode 15 <<<


“[One] word that I hate is ‘tweeps,’ which actually combines ‘tweets’ and ‘peeps’ in a way that makes me stabby.” — Wil Wheaton

After creating 13 episodes of his awesome Radio Free Burrito podcast, Wil Wheaton took a brief hiatus in 2006.

Then, unbeknownst to, well, me anyway, he returned to the podosphere in 2008, and has been ‘podding’ prodigiously ever since. Because I’m playing catch-up, this link is to Episode 15 from December of 2009. More shall follow…

In this episode, Wil talks about his brilliant but failed attempt at publishing his favourite tweets, answers questions from Twitter followers, and plays some awesome music by Monsters from Mars. Enjoy!

[WARNING: Language and Mature Content]

Find it here.

[First uploaded December 17, 2009 — Runtime: 41 min]