NEW Krueger Nation podcast — The Dentist!


“I’m not the guy that throws s**t at people in the theatre but… get the f**k out of the theatre if you’re not interested in the movie…” —Johnny Krueg

Still recovering from a difficult year, Johnny Krueg is back in fine form! This episode, he talks about the Texas Frightmare Weekend, reviews Elijah Wood’s surprisingly good performance in 2012’s surprisingly good Maniac, and takes on butt-nuggets who text and take calls in theatres. He also talks about the Bates Motel TV show, and why he’s stiiiillll noooooot suuurrrre about it.

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Spotlight on Radio Free Burrito

>>> Radio Free Burrito, Episode 15 <<<


“[One] word that I hate is ‘tweeps,’ which actually combines ‘tweets’ and ‘peeps’ in a way that makes me stabby.” — Wil Wheaton

After creating 13 episodes of his awesome Radio Free Burrito podcast, Wil Wheaton took a brief hiatus in 2006.

Then, unbeknownst to, well, me anyway, he returned to the podosphere in 2008, and has been ‘podding’ prodigiously ever since. Because I’m playing catch-up, this link is to Episode 15 from December of 2009. More shall follow…

In this episode, Wil talks about his brilliant but failed attempt at publishing his favourite tweets, answers questions from Twitter followers, and plays some awesome music by Monsters from Mars. Enjoy!

[WARNING: Language and Mature Content]

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[First uploaded December 17, 2009 — Runtime: 41 min]

spotlight on Grammar

••NEW•• Grammar Girl Episode 366 — The ubiquitous slash symbol


“This is a really interesting development, because although English often gets new verbs and nouns, it’s rare for English to get a new conjunction…”—Mignon Fogarty

Mignon Fogarty, aka Grammar Girl, looks at some strange, recent developments in the use of the slash symbol (/). This leads to a general discussion of how texting has affected English in ways that are counterintuitive to the “it’s abbreviating us to death” argument. Listen slash learn slash be amazed!

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[Runtime: 11 min]

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••NEW•• The Cutting Room, ‘Special Announcement’ Episode


“Billy’s always summing up your thoughts. The two of you should do a show where you’re lying in bed together with a big bowl of popcorn.” — Max

It’s the season finale! The bad news is that the Cutting Crew will be on hiatus ‘til September. The good news is that they promise to help us stave off podcast withdrawal by running back episodes from their ‘Horror Palace’ days. (These are hard-to-find shows, so I’m looking forward to finally hearing them.)

Lots of behind-the-scenes stuff, with everyone airing laundry and venting rage. Copious fun!

[WARNING: Language and Mature Content]

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[Runtime: 1 hr 51 min]

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Spotlight on Brainstorming Story Ideas

<<< Writing Excuses Episode 8.10 >>>

“What if your pony is actually an uplifted Chihuahua brain implanted in a pony?” -- Mary Robinette Kowal

“What if your pony is actually an uplifted Chihuahua brain implanted in a pony?” — Mary Robinette Kowal

No, Mary isn’t off her meds. She’s helping Brandon, Dan, and Howard brainstorm an upcoming installment of Schlock Mercenary, Howard’s awesome online sci-fi comic strip.

This is definitely one of the more surreal brainstorming sessions I’ve heard on Writing Excuses,  but as always, it’s great fun! So grab your recreational drug of choice (mine is Sudafed) and tune in as our intrepid co-hosts “cry havoc and let slip the uplifted Chihuahuas of war!” (apologies to Mr. Shakespeare)

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[Uploaded March 10, 2013 — Runtime: 20 min]

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•• NEW •• Nature podcast

••NEW•• nature podcast 2013 | 05 | 09


“In three to five years, we’re going to have cars that can go anywhere, anytime, on any road, without anybody in the vehicle driving it.” — Lawrence D. Burns

Host Kerri Smith delivers the latest news from the brainosphere: driverless cars, environmentally friendly iron production, and odd-shaped atomic nuclei, among other wondrous things. It’s all scien-terrific!

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[Runtime: 25 min]

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ze frank on being creative

Ze Frank VidCon _ davedugdale Flickr-cropped
Okay, yes, this blog is mostly about stuff that you listen to, and I will (maybe) never direct you to YouTube again.
However, I also find the creative process to be both fascinating and frustrating, and this YouTube segment from ze frank is one of the best — and briefest — talks I have heard about this subject.
It just seems like a great way to start   🙂

image by Dave Dugdale | Source | CC