PODCAST ROUNDUP, SEP 27, 2013 — FILM, Part 1 of 3

eclecticAudioPodcast_RoundupMastheadAnd we’re baaaaack! The roundup returns, starting with some of my favourite film-related podcasts. Since I’ve been retooling the site, I’ve missed the roundups for the past few weeks, so I’m playing catch-up here; as a result, some shows have listings with two or three back-episodes! But, hey, that just means there’s more podcast gold for you to dig into  🙂

Today’s roundup includes a triple-shot of Phantom Erik at 100 Years of Horror, as he takes you back to the swinging sixties for some great macabre movie fare; a double-shot of Cinema Beef Podcast, including an extended show where Gary Hill and Jamie Jenkins scope out the entire Exorcist franchise (Jamie also interviews the actress who played the demon Pazuzu in the 1973 film); a great episode of Cadaver Lab Indies where Mike Cadaver and Johnny Krueg invite you to a Murder Party; an awesome Corpse Cast episode where Mike C. and Shane Diablo take you on a ride to hell with Nicolas Cage; a review show where Creep Creepersin expresses deep sadness over Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem, and a whole lot m– oh, wait. No, that’s it.
Don’t worry, though; this is only Part One. Of Three.  😀 Continue reading

Writing Excuses 8.37 — How to Handle Epic Failure

writing-excuses-mastheadIn this episode of Writing Excuses, you’ll learn how to minimize (and possibly even reverse) the long-term effects of E.F.D.: Epic Failure Damage!

Have you ever said or done something really stupid in public? After it happened, did you quickly and heroically douse the flames of controversy like a professional spin doctor? Or did you go to your ‘warrior place’ and start an epic flame war against any and all takers? If you chose the latter route, and deeply regretted it afterwards, then this episode of Writing Excuses is for you! Continue reading

Dead Robots’ Society 285 — Time to Self-Publish?

dead-robots-society-mastheadWith traditional publishing going through an existential crisis, should today’s writers think about running their own show?

If you work in the publishing industry today, then you know we’re living in interesting times. Digital media are now replacing dead-tree books, and many of the larger publishing companies are focusing only on A-list authors and other safe bets, at the expense of their B- and C-list writers, as they batten down the hatches and prepare for rough financial seas.

So, does this mean it’s time to give up the dream and return to your dead-end counter or office cubicle job? Far from it. Continue reading

FIRST REVIEW — The Hysteria Continues podcast, Ep. 65

Actually, the hysteria is just beginning at Eclectic Audio, with our first review of an awesome horror movie podcast that has slipped under our radar for the previous 64 episodes. Join us as we rectify this egregious oversight with Episode 65!

Do you think criminally deranged cheerleaders are hot? Have you ever noticed that slasher movies contain a lot of really annoying people?  Did you feel that 1982’s Time Walker was a pretty good idea for a movie, but that 1987’s The Return to Salem’s Lot was a particularly bad one? Friend, if you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you’ll definitely find vindication in Episode 65 of The Hysteria Continues podcast. Continue reading

100 Years of Horror, Ep. 51 — ‘Blood Feast’ Review!

100-years-of-horror-mastheadIn this episode, host Phantom Erik reviews Herschell Gordon Lewis’ 1963 opus, Blood Feast. Could it have been the world’s first splatter film?

Pull up a chair to this rather grue-laden table, as the 100 Years of Horror podcast takes you back to 1963 for a look at Herschell Gordon Lewis’ proto-splatter flick!

When Lewis and producer David Friedman saw the market for their exploitative ‘nudie’ films drying up, they decided to push the envelope by adding violence and horror to the already questionable mix. The result was Blood Feast, a horrendous spool of celluloid that was notable as the first commercial film that displayed copious amounts of blood, gore, and nudity while still bypassing the censors. Continue reading

Writing Excuses 8.35 — Strategies for Discovery Writing

writing-excuses-mastheadIn this episode, Jeph Jacques and the Writing Excuses gang look at the potential perils, pitfalls, and epiphanies of discovery writing!

Discovery writing is an exciting way to develop a story, a creative process without any framework, where you simply let the words and ideas flow from your pen. Authors such as James Thurber and Stephen King have used it, with great success.
However, if you’ve ever tried discovery writing yourself, you may have run into one possible downside to this technique: writing yourself (and your characters) into a corner that only a deus ex machina or an extensive rewrite can fix. Continue reading

ScreamQueenz 89 — When Bad Kids Go, uh, Reeeeallly Bad

ScreamQueenz-mastheadIf you’ve ever wondered what Patrick’s favourite horror trope is, wonder no longer:  it’s evil children, of course! No surprise, then, that the radio play in this week’s episode contains one of the nastiest little monsters you’ll ever encounter 🙂

Greetings, faithful listener.

Host Patrick can’t record a regular episode of the ScreamQueenz podcast this week, as he’s extremely busy working on his first audiobook project! However, he’s not about to turn you away empty handed. Continue reading